At Ventura, safety is Job One. That’s why we’re proud to say that since 1955, Ventura has been operating with an industry-leading safety record.

ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Certified

We consistently exceed the FAA’s stringent requirements and invite independent auditors such as ARGUS and Wyvern into our operation to review and assess our safety programs.

Our elite ARGUS Platinum designation places Ventura in the upper 25 percent of nearly 600 rated U.S.-based charter operators. We also received the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, or IS-BAO Stage 1 certification which is a code of best practices and gold standard for business aviation worldwide.

These certifications along with our Wyvern Registered Operator safety ratings speak to our commitment to the highest standards of safety held only by a select group of operators around the world.

Safety Management System (SMS) Risk Management

SMS is a widely recognized approach to measuring the effectiveness of safety risk controls within the aviation industry and includes systematic procedures, practices, and policies pertaining to safety risk management. Ventura utilizes the SMS process to proactively identify and manage risks to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding the most stringent safety requirements and effectively monitoring potential risks. We adhere to all four tenets of SMS which include identifying the hazards, assessing the risk, analyzing the risk, and controlling the risk.

Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and Training

Furthermore, each of our aviation team members participates in ERP training which is a rigorous process that identifies strategies and resources, develops plans, and documents procedures that can be used to prepare for and respond to a variety of aviation incidents – natural as well as manmade.

In addition, we leverage outside industry experts like Fireside Partners to provide our employees with emergency response management training which includes drills and practical handling of “what-if” scenarios. Fireside Partners also provides Ventura with additional monitoring and oversight of Ventura’s emergency response program.  The team provides an additional layer of expertise as well as immediate round-the-clock access to additional resources that are ready to mobilize if an emergency occurs that requires immediate attention.

Experienced Team

At Ventura, we recognize that the crew you fly with directly affects the experience you have on board. Ventura pilots and cabin attendants have thousands of hours of flight experience which translates into the highest levels of safety and professionalism. Several members of Ventura’s executive leadership team have pilot backgrounds and have intentionally created active feedback loops between pilots, mechanics, and operational support with risk mitigation in mind.

Our flight operations and maintenance teams boast impressive backgrounds in aviation and have hundreds of collective years of aircraft maintenance and flight operations experience.  No one knows safety and quality standards like Ventura, but we never allow for complacency.  We are obsessive about continuous improvement and continually seek out new ways to elevate our safety protocols.


At Ventura, safety is Job One. That’s why we’re proud to say that since 1955, Ventura has been operating with a perfect safety record. We consistently exceed the FAA’s stringent requirements...

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