Few situations are more mission-critical than the transport of organs for transplant or procurement. 

Assuring the viability of an organ demands immediate response and precision-like coordination, leading to swift, safe transport of the organ and medical team. With calm expertise, Ventura’s experienced rapid response team springs into action the moment the need arises.

As a healthcare logistics expert for more than 40 years, Ventura regularly partners with major health systems, medical centers and other healthcare entities to consistently assure smooth conveyance. Our longstanding relationships with these providers is testament to the trust they have placed in us.

Our private fleet of aircraft is ready to deploy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether at 3 pm or 3 am, when you contact Ventura, you will be immediately connected to one of our dedicated medical transport experts. This person is empowered to meet your every need: from ground and air transport to food arrangements to aircraft temperature requirements and more. Your personal representative oversees the entire process, from initial contact through delivery. Moreover, using real-time GPS tracking we keep you informed of status every step of the way. Door-to-door optimized route planning, complete with automated alerts, assures that your critical deadline is met. 

Organ transport is not just business as usual. We know there are lives at stake, and we treat it with the utmost responsiveness and respect. From the dispatcher to the pilots to the ground crew, every person at Ventura is vested in the successful delivery of every single organ and team we transport.

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