We’re all about building long-lasting relationships with our clients

With more than six decades of experience in private charter services, Ventura has built a reputation for delivering exceptional experiences for our clients. From our dedicated and skilled crewmembers, pilots, and maintenance staff, to the attention we pay to comfort, safety, and consistency, every aspect of our operations is designed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to excellence is why so many of our clients choose to return to Ventura time and time again.

Safety is our top priority

Ventura is proud to have earned ARGUS Platinum certification, the industry’s highest level of safety certification, which is awarded only to air charter operators who have successfully implemented industry-best safety protocols in their operations and maintenance processes. 

In addition to our ARGUS Platinum designation, Ventura is a Wyvern Registered Operator and has also received the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 1 certification designed to help aviation operators achieve the highest levels of safety and operational excellence.

Ventura also utilizes a formalized Safety Management System (SMS) process, and requires our aviation staff to participate in Emergency Response Planning (ERP) training. Read more about how we’re committed to your safety.

Floating fleet with point-to-point pricing

Ventura operates our own planes and has a large fleet of Citation Excel and Challenger 604 aircraft. This large fleet of common aircraft gives us the ability to “float” our planes from destination to destination eliminating the need for our planes to return to home base after a trip. This means that we can offer one-way flights and minimize the number of wasteful empty legs that drive up costs. Our floating fleet provides our clients shorter lead times and closer access to the departure location. This point-to-point pricing enables us to offer the most competitive rates to customers and owners.

Dedicated crew and industry-leading dispatch reliability

At Ventura, we have a highly trained and dedicated crew that stay with the same aircraft for their entire rotation, ensuring a consistently personalized and exceptional experience for our clients. Our in-house maintenance department, along with dedicated maintenance support at strategic locations, work to ensure that all of our aircraft maintain the highest levels of safety and operational efficiency.

We take pride in our commitment to dispatch reliability, which is achieved through the hard work, commitment, and expertise of our dedicated crew. Our team consistently delivers top-quality work, allowing us to maintain industry leading dispatch reliability.

Challenger 604 and Citation Excel fleet

Our large-cabin Bombardier Challenger and midsize Citation Excel planes offer a wide selection of flying options, giving you the freedom to select the best aircraft for your or your client’s’ needs.

Challengers are known for luxury, comfort, and versatility and are among the most sought-after jets in the heavy jet category. With one of the widest cabins available in business jets, Challengers offer over six feet of stand-up room, a refined interior, and seating for 10 to 12, it’s one of the best ways to travel.

Additional Challenger 604 specs:

  • Interior Dimensions: H 6’ 1”, W 8’ 2”, L 28’ 4”
  • Baggage Capacity: 115 cu ft
  • Max Cruise Speed: 528 mph
  • Dispatched with cabin attendant
  • In-flight domestic Wi-Fi
  • Max Range: 3756 nm

The Citation Excel is a leader in the midsize jet category with a spacious interior, smooth performance, and well-appointed interior. Excels offer seating for 7 to 8 and never disappoints. The Excel also boasts the most ample baggage space in its category.

Additional Citation Excel specs:

  • Interior Dimensions: H 5′ 11″, W 5′ 7”, L 18′ 8″
  • Baggage Capacity: 90.2 cu ft
  • Max Cruise Speed: 500 mph
  • In-flight domestic Wi-Fi
  • Max Range: 1955 nm

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A great experience every time

Ventura accommodates individual flights, so there’s no need for jet cards or other membership requirements. And because our charters are not limited to fixed flights and routes, we offer total destination flexibility. Ventura’s expert charter plane coordinators will match you to exactly the right plane with the size, functionality and amenities you need.

Reach out to our charter department today at 631-756-5500 ext 1 or by email at charter@ventura.aero.  

On-demand flights, competitive rates, commitment to safety, responsiveness and 24/7 concierge service — that’s the Ventura way.


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