Ventura’s innovative Charter Lease Program is offered exclusively to Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ and Challenger 604/605/650 owners

Traditional aircraft management programs are weighted heavily in the charter company’s favor. Aircraft owners are typically required to shoulder all of the costs such as pilots’ salaries and maintenance.  Most programs are also engineered to prioritize payment to the management company before the aircraft owner even breaks even for the year. Traditional management doesn’t have aligned interests between the owner and management company, so many owners find themselves more involved in day-to-day decisions than they ever intended to be.

The Ventura Model

At Ventura, we’ve been serving private aircraft owners for more than 65 years, and we’ve taken our clients’ feedback and crafted a better approach to aircraft management. Our Charter Lease Program ensures the aircraft owner gets what they want: a no-excuses approach to aircraft management that reduces their risk, guarantees a return, and simplifies their ownership experience.

Under Ventura’s Charter Lease Program, we believe we should take responsibility for everything under our control including:

  • Regular scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Crew salaries, benefits, and travel costs
  • Crew training
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Subscriptions such as navigation charts and Wi-Fi
  • And all other normal out of pocket expenses associated with ownership

We handle day-to-day operations, so you don’t have to deal with constant calls and disruptions related to ownership such as trip approvals, maintenance issues, and crew and logistical issues.

In addition to covering all costs, our owners receive a consistent return for each hour of flying by Ventura using their aircraft.

Owner-centric Approach

Ventura’s owner-first approach to aircraft ownership means a simple and transparent process for our clients. As a Ventura owner, you can:

  • Access Ventura’s entire fleet of comparable aircraft
  • Pay fixed hourly usage rates based on direct operating costs
  • Access your aircraft at owner rates, whenever you need it
  • Earn a predictable rate for every hour of flight time, whether it’s a live or empty leg

Unlike other management companies, Ventura provides clients a reliable return on their investment that isn’t subject to the arbitrary decisions of the management company. Whenever you need your airplane, you can give us a call.  And we won’t call you unless we need to. 

That’s the Ventura advantage.

Schedule a call to learn about our unique Charter Lease Program at 631-756-5500 ext. 1 or by email at


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