In the field of private aviation, Ventura stands head and shoulders above the competition in virtually every way, but particularly so when it comes to aircraft maintenance and avionics.

Did you know that, unlike Ventura, few other private aviation companies offer in-house aircraft maintenance? Most utilize outside providers, so they have little control over quality, mechanic training or scheduling. By contrast, Ventura provides you with all the service you need – under one roof, so that you can get in, out, and up in the air as quickly as possible. And while most will offer some basic level of avionics, we deliver deep expertise that comes from being passionate aviators ourselves. We know avionics inside out. Our experience is current, broad in scope and customized to your aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance

First and foremost, our mission is the safe operation of your aircraft. As a certified FAA repair station, we maintain, manage and repair all our own charter aircraft as well as hundreds of customer aircraft each year.  Ventura takes pride in performing nearly all maintenance in-house, ranging from small unscheduled repairs to large-scale inspections.

Ventura has built an in-house team of experts and parts sourcers to ensure clients get the right part, at the best possible price, every time. Through expert troubleshooting and sourcing we keep maintenance costs in check and keep aircraft airworthy and available — with minimum impact on your P&L.

In addition, several of Ventura’s licensed Airframe and Power plant Mechanics are also certified pilots. They bring a unique perspective, having the ability to literally put themselves “in the pilot’s seat” to devise intelligent solutions in real time. Ventura also has dedicated support aircraft that can be immediately deployed throughout the tristate region to dispatch mechanics to an aircraft as quickly as possible should an unexpected maintenance issue arise. 


In addition to maintenance, Ventura boasts a team of veteran in-house avionics technicians – rare in the industry – who can address any of the electrical components in your aircraft’s cockpit. This unique capability saves owners thousands of dollars a year in reduced repositioning, contemporaneous maintenance, repairs and, when needed, immediate troubleshooting should an issue arise that could affect departure.

As a Certified Avionics Installation and Repair shop, Ventura is an authorized dealer for the following brands and can service virtually any make or model:

  • Garmin
  • Bendix King / Honeywell
  • Midcontinent
  • GoGo
  • Aspen Avionics
  • Electronics International
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