The Maureen Tarascio Family Foundation was launched in 2023. Its mission is to provide support and resources to organizations that place an emphasis on women in aviation, working mothers, and children in need. At the end of 2021, Ventura seeded the Foundation with $50,000.


The Maureen Tarascio Family Foundation recently made its first contributions.

●     Two tuition scholarships were awarded to students in local aviation programs – one at Vaughn College in NY and one at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

●     Two daycare scholarships were awarded to students in local aviation programs – one at SUNY Farmingdale and one at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

The Foundation aims to award a number of scholarships each year as determined by the committee.


The foundation is an employee-run volunteer committee. Every employee within Ventura is given the option to participate in the committee. All members are expected to:

●     Join Foundation meetings which occur about every 6 weeks

●     Discuss and share ideas for how the Foundation should use its funds

●     Make recommendations for the uses of the Foundation’s funds

●     Be involved with the charity-based activities of the Foundation

The committee proposed the latest contributions, which the board then approved.


The committee has already discussed some great ideas for initiatives that the Foundation could support in the next quarter and beyond, including joining local volunteer events in Farmingdale and Nashville. The committee aims to create opportunities for the Ventura team to get hands-on and participate in the mission of the Foundation, so the focus has been on local organizations in Nashville and Farmingdale where the Ventura offices are located. 


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