At Ventura Air Services, our commitment to “Support One Another”, which is one of our company’s core values, goes beyond the skies. In the spirit of this core value, we are proud to introduce the Maureen Tarascio Family Foundation. The foundation, launched in 2023 pays homage to Maureen Tarascio, an extraordinary woman and entrepreneur. Despite the hurdles of raising four children and overcoming underestimation in the aviation industry, she blazed a trail of unwavering resilience and remarkable strength.

The Maureen Tarascio Family Foundation is not just an homage; it’s our ethical responsibility and dedication to give back to our communities, supporting those who strive to overcome similar challenges, with an emphasis on helping women in aviation, working mothers, and children in need. At the end of 2022, Ventura seeded the Foundation with $50,000. This foundation is our way of honoring Maureen’s spirit by empowering others as a reminder of her tenacity and courage.

MTSU announcement of the Shelbyville Aerospace campus, with remarks by Gov. Lee and MTSU president Sidney McPhee, signaling a new flight plan for one of the top aviation programs in the nation.


The Maureen Tarascio Family Foundation recently made its first contributions.

●     Four tuition scholarships were awarded to students in local aviation programs – two at Vaughn College in NY and two at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

●      Four daycare scholarships were awarded to students in local aviation programs – two at SUNY Farmingdale and two at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

The Foundation aims to award a number of scholarships each year as determined by the committee.

Ventura’s Director of Maintenance, Greg Tarascio with one of our 2023 Foundation award recipients from Vaughn College


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