The ongoing care and management of your aircraft is as important as the decision to buy. Choosing your management company wisely is key to maintaining your plane to an extraordinary level of excellence and sustaining its return on investment.

At Ventura, we believe maintaining your aircraft should be simple and uncomplicated, with minimal disruption to your life.  As aviators for over 65 years, Ventura’s exclusive aircraft management program keeps your aircraft in top shape, mitigates risk, reduces costs and offers unparalleled opportunities to earn during downtime. It is a program few others can match.

One clear advantage is Ventura’s in-house maintenance services. While other private aviation companies outsource maintenance and repairs with little control over costs or work schedules, Ventura keeps everything consolidated under one roof.  Under the watchful eye of Ventura’s highly skilled mechanics and technicians, preventative maintenance is performed at optimal intervals, often avoiding repairs down the road. If and when problems do arise, they are fixed quickly, keeping your aircraft safe and ready to fly.

Few private aviation companies offer the depth and scope of quality aircraft management services that Ventura does. We will reduce your cost of ownership by offsetting it with charter flights and keep your costs low with reliable maintenance. Equally important, we will establish a clear, fixed-expense budget that delivers something truly rare — cost predictability. 

This combination of services is the reason so many clients – even those who purchased their aircraft elsewhere –will only trust Ventura to manage their aircraft management needs.

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