Kristin Emy

Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Emy, CFO, Ventura

Kristin Emy has over twenty five years of strategic planning, financial and operational experience. She is acting Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Strategic Team at Ventura. She wishes she could fly a plane and/or fix one but enjoys being inspired by all those around her at Ventura who can. She has been a partner at the private equity firm Raisol Capital, previous experiences include being part of a team that

grew a startup to a successful exit, management consulting for Fortune 500 companies and running international equity investment deals at NewsCorp. Kristin has an MBA from MIT Sloan School and an M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University. Her hobbies include spending as much time with her kids as their busy schedules allow and searching out adventure with her husband, family and friends.


At Ventura, safety is Job One. That’s why we’re proud to say that since 1955, Ventura has been operating with a perfect safety record. We consistently exceed the FAA’s stringent requirements...

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Private Charters

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Aircraft Sales

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